Sneak Peek at a Work In Progress...

My current WIP, well one of them anyway is coming along nicely. Meet Legion...





WIP Excerpt:  Soulmate's Kiss (unedited) Book 2 in The Gargoyle Soulmate's Series  By Emma Paul.



Deep within the Carpathian mountains and miles beneath the Transylvanian plateau, gargoyles, newly assigned protectors of the human race live, hidden from prying human eyes. Four thousand years ago, they were cursed by a powerful mortal wizard and turned to stone. The spell was altered by the Vampire Princess Nephra, daughter of the Sky God Upir.


Every night under the cover of darkness they emerge from their stone prisons and leave the Gargoyle lair to defend the mortal realm from evil monsters that live just outside the susceptibility of human existence. Humans have no idea that a war for their souls is currently waging all around them. Their ignorance is bliss.


Each night the gargoyles gather together and ready themselves to take flight and hunt the beasts. Tonight was no different...


Legion sat in the conference room, which Romiel, the Gargoyle leader had constructed with all the modern conveniences that twenty-first century Earth could offer. Like the rest of the habitat, the room was hollowed out and carved from the stone which encased them all within the Carpathians. The Lair itself extended the entire length of the Transelvania Alps.


At first glance, there was not anything truly remarkable about the caves that the gargoyles had made home. However, once you descended seven thousand feet into the main communal living area where the gargoyles often gathered to socialize, it took on a more majestic appeal. Personal living quarters lined the several tiers that were carved into the sides of the interior mountain walls in a perfect spiral. Most of those domiciles were empty. Only Romiel and twenty Gargoyle warriors had set up homes now.


Throughout the lair, rock walls had been smoothed flat. They were plated over with a layer of gold and silver trimming. Depictions of Carpathia and the seven realms were carved into the gold surfaces. Several battle scenes of the Vampire and Demon wars had been painted on large collums carved from the rock at the entrance of each tunnel that connected other living spaces of the habitat.


There was a lot of room for the gargoyles to spread their wings and fly around. High above at seven thousand plus feet strategically placed openings had been punched through the mountain to let in air and sunlight. However, most of the lighting came from fluorescent tubing running along the walls in place of molding. Most of the torch sconces had been removed, with the availability of electricity. Romiel and his gargoyles adapted very quickly to technology.


The current room they were in sported flat screened computers and three dimensional projections that encircled the entire area from floor to ceiling. Printers constantly poured out readouts and transmissions from every corner of the globe. Maps floated above their heads as Romiel pointed out the several locations that had reported lycan-beast activity.


As usual, the gargoyles were given their assignments and then paired up with each other to begin their patrols. None of them gave Legion a second glance as they teamed up and left. As usual, he was assigned to prowl the night on his own. So what if these pussies, didn’t want to pair up with him. 


He tightened his jaw and snatched his assignment instructions from Romiel. It didn’t bother him at all that no one wanted to be his partner. He told himself that every night, and every night it pissed him off. Ahh Fuck it!


Legion’s reputation was marred by the fact that he didn’t take orders well and that he was more of a rogue warrior, preferring to do things on his own terms without any consideration for the consequences. Growing up as an orphan in Hell tended to make one rather ornery.


Romiel was forever reigning him in. At least that’s what everyone else believed. Yeah he was a bit of a knucklehead when it came to following the rules, however, he still got the job done and he did it alone.


Standing just outside the hidden entrance of the lair, located in Negoi the highest peak of the Alps, he shook his head to clear his mind and raised his arms in front of him with his palms up. Legion closed his eyes and imagined the city of Newark New Jersey.


Once the tingling started in his fingertips, he opened his eyes and focused on the tiny pin prick of light that began to widen before him. Once it swelled to about six feet in circumference, he unfurled his large bat-like wings and pushed himself off the rock ledge into the newly opened portal. In an instant, he was flying over the city.